How to get a quick payroll free loans.

Quick payroll loans are an option for those who need to meet a specific need.

However, at Spin Lender we only offer financing starting at 6,000 USD, because our objective is to respond to draft needs. Therefore, we are not a microcredit company, nor do we cover these types of needs that require little capital.

Our way of proceeding is simple because you only need to have a real estate property, if possible, free of charges. Once we value it evaluating the pros and cons, we will make you the financing proposal. We will grant a maximum of 30-40% of the value of it. In this way, you will know from the first moment what is the amount that you can have. Not surprisingly, one of our priorities is to be transparent with customers. We want you to know from the first moment what to expect so that there is no type of misunderstanding or problem.

Another aspect to highlight is the return period, since you can choose between a return of one to 10 years. On the other hand, the return fees are monthly, quarterly or semi-annual, as it is more comfortable for you. In turn, you should bear in mind that the interests are between 9 and 12%. Considering all these aspects is important because it gives you peace of mind when dealing with payments.

As transparency is essential for us, we will sign the transaction before a notary of your choice. Quick loans without payroll are an option that today does not imply giving up a single guarantee. Not surprisingly, we have the supervision of the Government of Spain.

Why request a quick loan without payroll

Why request a quick loan without payroll

The request for an urgent loan without payroll can be due to several reasons. Here we indicate some of the most common, even knowing that there are more:

  • Administrative fines or penalties. If you have a small business, you may have to pay a fine. In this case, a quick credit without payroll can solve the problem. In addition, you will avoid the opportunity cost of not paying on time and due to lack of liquidity.
  • Restructuring of the company’s liabilities. Although urgent loans without payroll are designed for exceptional moments, it is the alternative when financial institutions do not give money. In this case, you can convert part of your short-term debts to long-term and breathe. If you have no alternative, we can help you restructure the debt to guarantee the viability of the business.
  • Lifting of liens or payment of mortgages. Although this is not the main task, at Spin Lender we offer financing to lift foreclosures. To do this, we will do the calculation and check if it is enough to solve the problem in the short term. Not surprisingly, you have to remember that this way you will gain time and comfort. We must say that this possibility is exceptional and that you will have to negotiate it with us in advance.

The application process for quick loans without payroll

The application process for quick loans without payroll

Quick payroll loans follow an application protocol. First of all, you have to contact us and explain your capital needs.

Subsequently, you have to provide a real estate guarantee and your DNI or NIE. We will assess it to see if it meets the minimum standards of what we provide. Later, we will notify you if the operation is viable and so you can decide whether or not you are interested in obtaining your urgent loan without payroll. It is possible that we indicate a first possibility and that, based on your feedback, we look for alternatives. We will send you a draft and from there we will wait for your agreement.

Once we have your agreement, we will sign the loan at the notary of your trust. Subsequently, we will register the operation in the corresponding Property Registry and we will provide you with the invoices for the operation. The entire process can be carried out in a maximum of one week with all the guarantees.

Who can apply for a quick loan without payroll

Who can apply for a quick loan without payroll

The truth is that there are hardly any limitations when it comes to who can request a quick loan without payroll. In any case, you must be Spanish or a legal resident in Spain and of legal age. You must also have all your documentation updated. From there, the conditions become patrimonial.

Although it is true that we do not ask for a payroll, a real property must be given as guarantee. It can be an apartment, garage, house, industrial warehouse, restaurant or hotel. As we are going to grant a maximum of 30-40% of its value, it would have to be priced above 60,000 USD so that there are no problems.

If you meet all these conditions there will be no problems, in principle, for requesting quick credit without payroll. At Spin Lender we have proposed that whoever can pay has liquidity whenever they want.

When might you be interested in quick payroll credits?

When might you be interested in quick payroll credits?

Most of the time it is asked if loans without payroll are adequate, the answer we have to give is “it depends”. The main elements that come into play is the need for capital and the requirements.

  • These types of operations interest you when you need a lot of capital to face a specific expense. Not surprisingly, as we give a minimum of 6,000 USD, it is a good alternative to get extraordinary financing. Definitely, it is easier than in traditional financial entities, although the interests are somewhat higher (between 9 and 12%). In short, it is an extraordinary resource that, if you know how to use it that way, will be very useful.
  • Depending on the requirements, you can consider this loan. The advantage of urgent loans without payroll is that you do not need work or fixed income. Now, to be able to get the money you will need, at least, a real estate.
  • If you are a rentier, have an estate or have just inherited, this is a good option. In recent years, these types of operations have increased to rebalance assets or pay entity debts.

Therefore, the architecture of this type of operations is designed for people with great capital and wealth needs. If both cases occur, you will be very interested in this type of loan.

Benefits of quick payroll-free loans

Benefits of Quick Payroll-Free Loans

For the person requesting fast loans without payroll, there are several benefits of accessing this financing. Please note that we want to offer speed, quantity and few requirements. We summarize the most important:

  • Speed ​​in obtaining urgent loans without payroll. If you are looking for fast financing, this is a good option because you will not have to wait weeks and weeks to close the operation. This aspect is important because in certain cases this is what makes the difference between a viable operation and another that is not. At Spin Lender we can take very little time to provide you with the money and we are a reference in this regard. Not surprisingly, since you contact the money you receive it can take no more than a week. In the case of these quantities, it is a very short time.
  • Higher amounts than the fast loans on the market. Another benefit of getting urgent loans without payroll from Spin Lender is the amount. At a minimum, we make loans of $ 6,000 and can offer much larger sums. Consequently, this is the best solution to pay large amounts because it combines speed and liquidity. Of course, remember that the main element is going to be the valuation of the property to determine the amount that we will give you. To revolutionize the concept of urgent loans without payroll is to offer amounts greater than what we are used to. Most operators do not give more than 1,000 USD and we want to go where others do not.
  • Possibility of deferred payment. A loan of more than 6,000 USD requires a long repayment period. Fortunately, you will not have problems because you can pay a year, two, five or even ten, if you wish. On the other hand, you have the possibility to settle the debt in monthly, quarterly or even annual installments. Finally, we offer the option of amortizing principal with interest or paying only interest and amortizing at the end. This point is especially important because, in many occasions, there are problems due to the payment period. We have made it easy for you to choose how you want to pay and in what way so that this is not the problem.
  • Legal guarantees of loans without payroll. For us, guaranteeing legal certainty is essential in the face of the proliferation of unregulated entities. For this reason, our work is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption. In addition, we allow you to sign this operation in the notary of your trust. In the long term, you will value this issue because in the financial sector, guarantees make the difference. For this reason, we attach special importance to this issue.

Completion of urgent loans without payroll

Completion of urgent loans without payroll

Quick loans without payroll are one of the best options in many cases. Now, if what you need is financing of a certain amount, we recommend that you request it with specialized professionals. At Spin Lender we offer a range of possibilities for those individuals or companies that need more than 6,000 USD. We encourage you to contact us to better understand all the possibilities at your fingertips. We are sure that you will get what you need.

Mini loan without proof of income

The income of the applicant plays a major role in the granting of loans. Depending on the income situation, it is checked whether a borrower has sufficient creditworthiness to repay the loan. Proof of a regular income is the proof of income or salary, which is required by every Cream bank when applying for a loan. It becomes problematic when you are self-employed or as a freelancer.

It is extremely difficult for these groups of people to obtain a loan because in most cases there is no collateral and there is no regulated proof of income.

Now there are some alternatives on the financial market to get a loan without proof of income. We took a closer look at them and now introduce them in more detail.

How to get a loan without proof of income

How to get a loan without proof of income

Depending on the amount of the loan, there are various ways to get a loan without proof of income. But keep in mind that your chances of getting a loan are very limited and in most cases you will have to expect a higher interest rate compared to loans with proof of salary.

Urgent loan immediate payment without proof of income up to $ 1,500

Urgent loan immediate payment without proof of income up to $ 1,500

If you only want to borrow a small loan amount, then you have a very good chance of getting a mini loan without proof of income through a mini loan provider. With Prida Cash Lender Money, the mini loan from Prida Cash Lender Bank, you have the option of receiving a loan of up to 600 USD for a maximum of 62 days. Prida Cash Lender Bank is based in Malta, and unlike Cream banks, it also lends if the Credit bureau score is not very good. This means that people with a medium credit rating also have opportunities to obtain a loan. No regular income is required for positive lending. The lending takes place solely after the assessment of your credit rating. Besides MyCredit Lender, Prida Cash Lender Money is the only provider who does not request proof of salary for a loan.

The offer of Prida Cash Lender Money is therefore very interesting for freelancers and self-employed or other groups of people who have to quickly overcome a financial bottleneck. Taking out a mini loan to buy consumer goods is not recommended.

MyCredit Lender and Capital Lender can offer alternatives. At MyCredit Lender, as a new customer, you can borrow up to $ 600 for 30 days. Capital lender offers you up to $ 500. However, you should consult a guarantor at Capital lender if you do not have proof of income.


One of the oldest forms of credit that does not require proof of income is mortgage credit. Instead of proof of your income, you need a valuable item that you can exchange for money. You can do this at a pawnbroker near you or at an online pawnbroker like Ipfand. The loan amount depends on the value of your item, so you can only take up a large loan amount if you have a correspondingly valuable item. If you would like to trigger the item again later, the entire loan amount plus a fee must be repaid. The mortgage loan is one of the most expensive types of loan and should only be used in absolute emergencies.

Frequently asked questions about credit without proof of income

Frequently asked questions about credit without proof of income

What loan amounts are possible?

Prida Cash Lender Money & MyCredit Lender lend up to $ 600 to new customers without proof of income. As soon as you have successfully received and repaid the first loan, you count as an existing customer. From this point on, you can take out a loan of up to $ 1,500 from both providers.

How long are the terms?

The maturities of the so-called mini loans are very short because they are designed to bridge financial bottlenecks. You can therefore take out the loan with Prida Cash Lender Money for a maximum term of 62 days.

Do I need a regular income?

Prida Cash Lender Money is actually the only provider on the market for which you do not need a regular income. Solely the creditworthiness counts for the Prida Cash Lender Bank, which is behind the offer. Factors such as monthly payment of wages do not play a major role.

For which groups of people is this loan available?

If you are 18 and live in Germany, you can apply for a loan through Prida Cash Lender Money. This means that all groups of people, from the self-employed to freelancers, schoolchildren, students, pensioners, employees and civil servants, have the opportunity to obtain a loan without proof of income.

Is a loan without income also possible?

Even if you don’t have to provide proof of income, you should have a regular income. Mini loans that do not require proof of salary usually have to be repaid in 30 days. Otherwise, high costs arise from reminder fees. A loan without income is therefore not recommended. Only borrow money if you can pay it back in time.