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Kad je dosadno - Ekonomija poklanjanja
Written by Lawrence Lessig   
Sunday, 21 December 2008
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Lawrence Lessig: Free Culture : The Nature and Future of Creativity.

Lawrence Lessig - 




This book is licensed under the Creative Commons.


On December 17,1903, on a windy North Carolina beach for just shy of one hundred seconds, the Wright brothers demonstrated that a heavier - than - air, self -  propelled vehicle could fly. The moment was electric and its importance widely understood. Almost immediately, there was an explosion of interest in this newfound technology of manned flight, and a gaggle of innovators began to build upon it.

At the time the Wright brothers invented the airplane, American law held that a property owner presumptively owned not just the surface of his land, but all the land below, down to the center of the earth, and all the space above, to “an indefinite extent, upwards.” For many years, scholars had puzzled about how best to interpret the idea that rights in land ran to the heavens. Did that mean that you owned the stars? Could you prosecute geese for their willful and regular trespass?


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